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Sick of Inequality

The Case for Action by the Government of Alberta on the Social Determinants of Health

New report says Alberta could save billions by addressing growing inequality

From Bad to Worse

Residential Elder Care in Alberta

Drawing on extensive quantitative and qualitative data this report raises serious concerns about residential elder care in Alberta, and calls into question the government’s policies of privatization, offloading, and cutbacks.

Delivery Matters

Cyber Charter Schools and K-12 Education in Alberta

This report looks into the growth of for-profit cyber charter schools in the United States, and identifies it as a disturbing North American trend that Albertans should be wary of.

Wrong Turn

Is a P3 the Best Way to Expand Edmonton's LRT?

This report recommends that the City of Edmonton should not proceed with a P3 approach for the building of the Southeast LRT line, and should opt instead for a traditional design-build arrangement.

Making It Home

Alberta Workplace Injuries and the Union Safety Dividend

This report highlights the true rates of workplace injury in Alberta and demonstrates how unions protect workers both from unsafe workplaces and a government keen to downplay the risks.

Smoke Screen

Results-based Budgeting, Privatization, and Public Sector Cuts in Alberta

Alberta’s implementation of Results-based Budgeting (RBB) is likely to result in bloated bureaucracy and will be used to justify cuts and privatization. It will not yield the promised results of more effective and efficient service delivery.

Shooting the Messenger

The Need for Effective Whistleblower Protection in Alberta

This report examines Alberta's recently-adopted whistleblower protection legislation in light of international research on best practices.

Governing Alberta

Citizens' Views

This report uses public opinion data to examine citizens’ views on governance in Alberta. It addresses respondents' opinions on popular democracy, political alienation, and the workings of government.

Taking the Reins

The Case for Slowing Alberta's Bitumen Production

The public interest is not served by the Alberta government's current promotion and encouragement of unfettered development of the province's bitumen reserves. A high quality of life for all Albertans is best pursued by slowing down development of the tar sands.

Stabilizing Alberta’s Revenues

A Common Sense Approach

This report shows that the only workable solution to Alberta's fiscal woes is an increase in corporate taxation and a return to a progressive income tax regime in the province, and that Albertans would support such a move.

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