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Stabilizing Alberta’s Revenues

A Common Sense Approach

This report shows that the only workable solution to Alberta's fiscal woes is an increase in corporate taxation and a return to a progressive income tax regime in the province, and that Albertans would support such a move.

Delivery Matters

Public Infrastructure, Privatized Maintenance, and Government Transparency

Alberta’s contracting out of infrastructure maintenance to private firms has resulted in decreased transparency and accountability, and has put Alberta taxpayer dollars at risk.

A Social Policy Framework for Alberta

Fairness and Justice for All

Despite Alberta’s obvious wealth, inequality and disparity in the province are growing faster than almost anywhere else in the country.

Impaired Judgement

The Economic and Social Consequences of Liquor Privatization in Western Canada

A comparative study of liquor systems in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Delivery Matters

Infrastructure Privatization and Accountability

This fact sheet examines the rapid expansion of private contracts to manage the operation and maintenance of public infrastructure in Alberta.

Delivery Matters

The High Costs of For-Profit Health Services in Alberta

Using Calgary's Health Resources Centre as a case study, this report explores the delivery of clinical services, specifically total hip and knee replacements, through private, for-profit clinics, and compares their cost and impacts versus public delivery.

Misplaced Generosity Update 2012

Extraordinary Profits in Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry

Alberta’s oil and gas industry continues to rake in billions of dollars’ worth of profits while the provincial government continues to run deficits and underfund education and health care services in the province. The report looks at the latest figures for oil industry profits an

Women’s Equality a Long Way Off in Alberta

Gender Gap Remains Among the Widest in the Nation

Alberta continues to lag behind the rest of the country in terms of women’s equality, wages, and family-related benefits and services.

Delivery Matters

The Impacts of For-profit Ownership in Long-term Care

Analysis comparing the US and Canadian research on the ownership and quality of services in these facilities concludes that for-profit facilities are less likely to provide quality care than nonprofit or public facilities.

Family Day on the Treadmill

Alberta Families at Risk of Too Much Stress

A look at leisure time, work hours, vacation and holidays, child care, and sense of belonging to communities paints a picture of Alberta families at risk of too much stress.

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