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Living in Hope

A Response to 2009-2010 Bed Closure Process at the Alberta Hospital

The Stelmach government's closed-door decision to remove 246 beds from Alberta Hospital Edmonton, and redistribute them without a detailed plan, demonstrates that mental illness is not treated in Alberta with the same level of service, care, and dignity afforded other serious illnesses.

ACSW Social Policy Framework 2010

Visioning a More Equitable and Just Alberta

Alberta's growing inequality carries tremendous costs that cut across all of society. This policy agenda comes out of the ongoing work of the Alberta College of Social Workers to identify the sources of that inequality and recommend solutions.

Women’s Equality a Long Way Off in Alberta

Alberta Most Unequal Province in Canada

Alberta ranks last in Canada on a number of measures of women's economic equality. Alberta is also the only province where there is no voice for women, either through a ministry responsible for the status of women, women's directorate, or advisory council on the status of women.

More Than Nickels and Dimes

Albertans Pay Highest Out-of-Pocket Costs for Services

Alberta families watch a large bite of their take-home pay get eaten up by fees for critical public services. That bite will get bigger with the looming budget cuts.

Giving Away the Golden Egg

Alberta’s Tax Giveaway and the Need for Reform

Alberta could move from deficit into surplus simply by abandoning the “flat tax” which has been a massive giveaway, especially to the wealthy. Making the tax system more progressive would also stimulate the economy, creating and protecting jobs for working Albertans.

Private Gain or Public Interest

Reforming Canada's Oil and Gas Industry

This paper is aimed at promoting a discussion of the oil and gas industry in Canada, and specifically the prospect of transforming its mandate to one aimed at serving the public interest.

Breaking the Myth

Alberta Spending is Mediocre at Best

Now that that boom has collapsed, comments to the effect that the Alberta government has been a big spender, is overspending and has lots of fat to cut from its programs are common. This report illustrates that the Alberta government is not the highest per capita spender in Canada.

The Northwest Territories 2010-2011 Budget

An Opportunity for Today and the Future

The NWT Government has recognized the seriousness of the recession, calling it an "unprecedented economic turmoil" that is "likely to last into 2010 and possibly longer." But the budget is largely business-as-usual.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Public Health Care and Affordability in Alberta

The government of Alberta has consistently used inaccurate or incomplete numbers to undermine public confidence in the sustainability of public healthcare. This report exposes the false economies used to create a sense of crisis. It illustrates the clear trends in health care spending.

Breaking The Cycle

Stimulus with Responsibility, Stewardship and Sustainability

With the global recession and oil prices in a slump, Alberta’s 2009 budget will be a critical one for the province and the country. This report lays out a framework for Alberta’s government to diminish recessionary effects, improve social services, renew and expand infrastructure, and improve redistribution systems.

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