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A Dirty Business

The Exclusion of Alberta Farm Workers From Injury Compensation

Alberta farm workers are excluded from workers' compensation protection, despite facing a high risk of workplace injury, including developing occupational cancer. This report examines why the Alberta government continues this exclusion.

A Profitable Brew

A Financial Analysis of the SLGA and Its Potential Privatization

A joint study by Parkland Institute and the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives analyzing the economic arguments against privatization of liquor sales in Saskatchewan. 

Directly and Adversely Affected

Public Participation in Tar Sands Development 2005-2014

Will Albertans have a voice in the fate of the tar sands under the new Alberta Energy Regulator? Lessons from the previous regulatory regime suggest it will be an uphill battle.

On the Job

Why Unions Matter in Alberta

By focusing on the impact of unions in the areas of wages, worker safety, and income inequality, this report documents the contributions of the labour movement to ensuring the well-being of all Albertans.

Less Exclusion, More Engagement

Addressing Declining Voter Turnout in Alberta

A survey-based study looking at who doesn't vote in Alberta elections and why.

The Way Forward

Progressive Income Tax in Alberta

With the 2014 Alberta Budget the Alberta government missed an opportunity to address a significant roadblock to improved health, happiness, prosperity, and overall well-being for the province by failing to address the province's growing income inequality.

Sick of Inequality

The Case for Action by the Government of Alberta on the Social Determinants of Health

New fact sheet says Alberta could save billions by addressing growing inequality

From Bad to Worse

Residential Elder Care in Alberta

Drawing on extensive quantitative and qualitative data this report raises serious concerns about residential elder care in Alberta, and calls into question the government’s policies of privatization, offloading, and cutbacks.

Delivery Matters

Cyber Charter Schools and K-12 Education in Alberta

This report looks into the growth of for-profit cyber charter schools in the United States, and identifies it as a disturbing North American trend that Albertans should be wary of.

Wrong Turn

Is a P3 the Best Way to Expand Edmonton's LRT?

This report recommends that the City of Edmonton should not proceed with a P3 approach for the building of the Southeast LRT line, and should opt instead for a traditional design-build arrangement.

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