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Report reveals DynaLIFE contract will harm medical laboratory future

A new report from Parkland Institute examines the UCP government’s privatization of Alberta’s medical lab services to DynaLIFE set to happen on July 1, 2022, as announced last week by Alberta Health Services (AHS). “The DynaLIFE deal rewards a large corporation and its shareholders over the current and long-term interests of Albertans,” says report author Rebecca Graff-McRae, a research manager at Parkland Institute. “It offers false economies, minimal savings, a smaller and demoralized workforce, a massive infrastructure deficit, and a fragmented system with little accountability.”

Report Calls for Governance Changes to Fix AIMCo

UCP must change AIMCo governance to reflect pension ownership by 460,000 Albertans

Parkland Institute’s latest report Can AIMCo Be Fixed? demonstrates how the UCP government’s changes to the Alberta Investment Management Company’s (AIMCo) governance and its poor performance has eroded trust in the agency.

A Dangerous Road for Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions

New Report shows impact of provincial government’s changes and cuts

A new report by Parkland Institute challenges the Alberta government’s plan to transform post-secondary education in the province. 

Report exposes UCP labour legislation impact on Alberta workers and economy

A new report shows that Bill 32: Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act (2020) moves Alberta’s labour relations environment closer to the U.S. model to the detriment of workers in the province.

Federal COVID-19 Funding to Alberta’s Oil Patch Not Well Spent

A new report, “Not Well Spent: A review of $1-billion federal funding to clean up Alberta’s inactive oil and gas wells,” finds that, based on available data, the federal funding amounts to little more than a bailout to the oil and gas industry, and the $1 billion dispersed by the Government of Alberta’s program – the Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) – was not well spent.

Dirty, difficult and dangerous work

Immigrant women health-care aides speak out about crisis in long-term care during pandemic

A first-of-its-kind report highlights the experiences of 25 immigrant women health-care aides working in long-term care (LTC) during the pandemic and shows how this essential work is socially and economically devalued. The report presents 12 policy recommendations to improve workplace standards and well-being for health-care aides in LTC in Alberta and across Canada.


Canada’s emissions increase greatest in G7 since Paris

The oil and gas industry isn’t delivering on jobs or government revenues and its projected emissions growth will cause Canada to break our climate change commitments. A new report says TMX and Line3 export pipeline expansions should be cancelled.

Seniors Care Staff Study Calls for More Time To Care

Report reveals more than 40 per cent of seniors care centres can’t meet adequate care needs

A new Parkland Institute study reveals many seniors continuing care centres are chronically understaffed and unable to meet the basic care needs of seniors.

UCP government protects the livelihood of corporations while Albertans and public sector workers are cut

Alberta's UCP government released a 2021 budget that will hurt many Albertans while giving billions to protect the bottom lines of major corporations. Parkland Institute notes some of the numbers that will hit hard.

Having Our Backs

Ottawa’s Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Alberta was eligible for $348 million in COVID-related federal government money for its low-paid essential workers, but only accessed $12 million; a shortfall of $335.8 million that could have been used to assist workers and their families, and to stimulate the province’s struggling economy. This is the highest amount of money left on the table by any provincial government. Parkland Institute director Trevor Harrison comments on a report by CCPA senior economist David Macdonald. This op-ed was published in the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald.

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