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Recent Research

What the Paris Agreement Means for Alberta’s Oil Sands Majors

This report for the Corporate Mapping Project looks at the implications of the Paris Agreement on the five largest corporations operating the Alberta oil sands by analyzing the carbon liabilities embedded in their proven and probable reserves.

Blurred Lines

Private Membership Clinics and Public Health Care

This report looks at private membership clinics in Alberta, which charge membership fees for combined physician and complementary practitioner care, and examines the audit process that looked into these clinics to determine if there are sufficient measures to ensure the Canada Health Act is being upheld.

Recent Blog Posts

Alberta's ho-hum budget

Despite promises of "a path to balance" and "compassionate belt-tightening," and dire warnings of an economic apocalypse, Alberta's Budget 2018 is ... a little bit dull, writes Rebecca Graff-McRae.

The value of Alberta's value-added strategy

For more than a decade Parkland Institute has been recommending a value-added strategy for Alberta. Executive Director Ricardo Acuña looks at how the Notley government's Energy Diversification Act measures up.

Alberta's throne speech was an exercise in contradictions

The Alberta speech from the throne was an exercise in contradictions, with a heavy emphasis on pipelines, diversification, and calls for unity. Parkland Institute research manager Rebecca Graff-McRae tries to make sense of the paradoxes.