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Recent Research

Big Money Big Influence

This study looks into how the campaign finance legislation implemented by the UCP government allows wealthy individuals to significantly influence upcoming municipal elections.

Roadmap or Roadkill, A Critical Look at the Government’s Strategy for Post-Secondary Education in Alberta

This report argues "Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs" is ill-advised and the planned changes and significant cuts, if implemented, will have a radical and perhaps even dangerous impact on Alberta’s post-secondary system.

Recent Blog Posts

Understanding the Power of Our Stories Beyond Orange Shirt Day

While there is no roadmap on how to feel or the actions that might help truth and reconciliation, Don McIntyre urges us to never stop pressing for more stories of the lost children in unmarked graves. Never stop telling the story of Phyllis and her orange shirt. These stories are our Truths.

From Concept To Action—Implementing a Just Transition In Alberta

The climate crisis, low oil and gas prices and accelerating automation in Alberta’s oil and gas industry has reignited decades-long pleas to diversify the province’s economy and has strengthened calls for a just transition.

Time to Act on the True Meaning of Reconciliation

It's time for all of us to reflect on the brutal reality of this country’s colonization and understand the true meaning of reconciliation. The truths are difficult, but listening is the first step to stop the silencing of Indigenous voices. This Canada Day, we must hear the voices of those who were never allowed to speak for themselves.