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Recent Research

Tipping the Balance

Bill 32, The Charter and the Americanization of Alberta’s Labour Relations System

A new report shows that Bill 32: Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act (2020) moves Alberta’s labour relations environment closer to the U.S. model to the detriment of workers in the province. Many of the bill’s provisions touch upon rights enjoyed by all working people and all Albertans generally, and the bill has the potential to profoundly impact the direction of Alberta’s economy.

Not Well Spent

A review of $1-billion federal funding to clean up Alberta’s inactive oil and gas wells

A new report exposes how $1 billion in federal COVID-19 emergency funding transferred to the Alberta government is failing to achieve its intended social and environmental objectives.

Recent Blog Posts

Time to Act on the True Meaning of Reconciliation

It's time for all of us to reflect on the brutal reality of this country’s colonization and understand the true meaning of reconciliation. The truths are difficult, but listening is the first step to stop the silencing of Indigenous voices. This Canada Day, we must hear the voices of those who were never allowed to speak for themselves. 

Overdose epidemic resources continue to be cut

As Alberta sees more cuts to help with the overdose epidemic, now is a time to be investing more, not less in the overdose epidemic response, according to an op-ed that originally appeared in the Edmonton Journal. Dr. Stan Houston co-authors the piece with Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio.

Review of Alberta’s Whistleblower Law Being Led Astray

The public interest commissioner opposed four of Cam Hutchison's recommendations that are basic to ensuring whistleblowers feel safe to come forward to report wrongdoing. These reforms are based on his Parkland report released late last year. All are considered part of international best practices and have precedent in other jurisdictions. However, all were portrayed by the commissioner as deeply problematic, reflecting her lack of understanding about whistleblower protection outside of the Alberta experience, and a troubling misinterpretation of the law and her particular administrative role.