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Clear Answers

The Economics and Politics of For-Profit Medicine

The Government of Alberta under Ralph Klein has asked a reasonable question: can health care be better provided partly as a private, for-profit product rather than as a not-for-profit public service? But -- despite the claims of advocates for market-driven medicine -- private hospitals are neither cheaper nor more efficient than public ones. Clear Answers summarises the huge body of evidence showing that they are more expensive and less efficient.

Giving Away the Alberta Advantage

Are Albertans Receiving Maximum Revenues From Their Oil and Gas?

Alberta's oil and gas resources are free gifts of nature and contribute significantly to Alberta's advantage. But are Albertans receiving maximum value from the sale of our oil and gas resources?


The Open and Shut Case Against Privatizing EPCOR

The study presented here is a business analysis of the issue of whether or not Edmonton City Council should proceed with the sale of EPCOR.

Contested Classrooms

Education, Globalization, and Democracy in Alberta

Education has become a battlefield, the classroom the arena where the contest is fought. Alberta stands as a model of radical education reform in Canada. But reform is not necessarily right or good, especially if undertaken without the consultation of those most affected by it. A range of commentators – teachers, scholars, parents, and others – discuss the conflict in Alberta's schools.

Light Among the Shadows

The Re-regulation of the Electrical Industry and the Future of EPCOR

This study is intended to assist the citizens of Edmonton and their City Council with their deliberations over the future of Epcor and Edmonton Power.

Shredding the Public Interest

Ralph Klein and 25 Years of One-party Government

Alberta had the tightest controls on spending in Canada during the very period when the Klein government has claimed costs were soaring out of control. Now, public programs in Alberta – including health care – have become the most poorly supported in Canada.

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