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Over a Barrel

Exiting from NAFTA's Proportionality Clause

The report describes how NAFTA limits Canada's options for managing its energy future and recommends options for regaining Canadian energy security and sovereignty.

Public Service Cuts In the Northwest Territories

Economic Imperative or Political Choice?

This report provides an analysis of the North West Territories' financial picture and underlying economy to determine whether the government's cuts are necessary.

Saving for the Future

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Discipline in Alberta

What will our economy look like when our non-renewable resources have dwindled? In the current boom the Alberta government has an opportunity to act, but this opportunity will disappear as available resource wealth declines. Now is the time for a responsible approach to saving.

Freezing in the Dark

Why Canada Needs Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Canada is currently the most vulnerable country in the industrial world to short-term oil supply crises, and we need to establish strategic petroleum reserves to remedy the problem. This is the key finding of a report released today by Alberta’s Parkland Institute in conjunction with the Polaris Institute.

Selling Albertans Short

Alberta's Royalty Review Panel Fails the Public Interest

Alberta has been experiencing a boom, and yet many Albertans feel they are being passed by.

Greening the Fleet

National Trends and Opportunities for the City of Edmonton

Greening the Fleet. It’s a new phrase that is quickly becoming a household term in municipalities across Canada, as they seek ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions produced by their fleet of vehicles.

The Spoils of the Boom

Incomes, Profits and Poverty in Alberta

Alberta has been experiencing a boom, and yet many Albertans feel they are being passed by. Though unemployment levels are at all-time lows, inflation rates are also running at national highs, leaving many Albertans literally out in the cold.

Taming the Tempest

An Alternate Development Strategy for Alberta

With over $169 billion in large scale construction projects on the horizon, Alberta’s already overheated economy is only going to get worse.

Selling the Family Silver

Oil and Gas Royalties, Corporate Profits, and the Disregarded Public

The world of oil and gas is split between industrialized consumer countries and their oil corporations, and less developed producer countries, many of which are former colonies. Canada is somewhat unique, as a relatively wealthy country in a close relationship of dependency with the United States, which consumes the majority of our production, and whose oil companies dominate our industry.

Fiscal Surplus, Democratic Deficit

Budgeting and Government Finance in Alberta

The Alberta government's formal budgeting process leaves a great deal to be desired in terms of accountability and democracy.

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