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Cutting Through the Blue Ribbon

A Balanced Look at Alberta's Finances

This report offers a balanced analysis of Alberta's finances—looking at both expenditures and revenues—and concludes that long-term fiscal stability cannot be achieved without addressing the province's long-standing revenue problem.

The Future of Alberta's Labour Market

The Role of Immigration, Migration, and Developing Existing Human Capital

This report looks at how Alberta can best meet its workforce needs once the province returns to prosperity and the Alberta labour market needs new sources of labour.

This report aims to help address knowledge gaps about the lived experiences of Indigenous working families in the oil industry and how working conditions impact families and gender relations by presenting a case study of the oil-dependent community of Wabasca.

Alberta in Context

Health Care Under NDP Governments

This report analyzes and compares the record of recent NDP governments on health care in five provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, and examines briefly the health care policies of the Alberta NDP government since 2015, highlighting points of intersection—and contrast—with the five provinces examined.

Boom, Bust, and Consolidation

Corporate Restructuring in the Alberta Oil Sands

This report for the Corporate Mapping Project analyzes the accumulation dynamics of the 'Big Five' oil sands producers through the latest commodity cycle of boom, bust, and consolidation.

Provinces Apart?

Comparing Citizen Views in Alberta and British Columbia

This report looks at data from a survey of residents of Alberta and BC taken just as the conflict over the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was set to erupt, and suggests less polarization of opinion between the two provinces than recent events would suggest.

Who Owns Canada's Fossil-Fuel Sector?

Mapping the Network of Ownership & Control

This report for the Corporate Mapping Project looks at who owns and controls Canada's fossil-fuel sector, and therefore has an interest in the sector's continued growth.

Alberta's Public Bank

How ATB Can Help Shape the New Economy

This report looks at the history and advantages of Canada's only public bank, Alberta Treasury Branches—now known legally as ATB Financial (ATB)—and how this unique public bank could play a leading role in helping transition the province to the new economy. 

Canada's Energy Outlook

Current Realities and Implications for a Carbon-constrained Future

This comprehensive report analyses Canada’s energy system and assesses future options to maintain energy security and meet climate commitments as a foundation for planning a viable long-term energy strategy.

Safer by Design

How Alberta Can Improve Workplace Safety

Based on a survey of 2,000 Alberta workers, this report looks at the failure of the occupational health and safety system to keep workers in the province safe, and makes recommendations to reduce the number of occupational fatalities, injuries, and illnesses.

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