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Not Well Spent

A Review of $1-Billion Federal Funding to Clean Up Alberta’s Inactive Oil and Gas Wells

A new report exposes how $1 billion in federal COVID-19 emergency funding transferred to the Alberta government is failing to achieve its intended social and environmental objectives.

More Than "Just a Health-Care Aide"

Immigrant Women Speak About the COVID-19 Crisis in Long-Term Care

A first-of-its-kind report highlights the experiences of 25 immigrant women health-care aides working in long-term care (LTC) during the pandemic and shows how this essential work is socially and economically devalued. To-date, the voices of the vulnerable immigrant, racialized women doing low-wage, on-the-ground caring work in LTC have largely been ignored.

Canada's Energy Sector

Status, Evolution, Revenue, Employment, Production Forecasts, Emissions and Implications for Emissions Reduction

A new report from veteran earth scientist David Hughes and the Corporate Mapping Project looks at the state of Canada’s energy sector and the need for a stark change in direction so Canada can meet emissions targets and plan for a just transition for workers and communities.

Time to Care

Staffing and Workloads in Alberta’s Long-Term Care Facilities

Time to Care: Staffing and Workloads in Alberta’s Long-term Care Facilities by Parkland research manager Rebecca Graff-McRae reveals that many seniors continuing care centres are chronically understaffed and unable to meet the basic care needs of seniors.

Fossilized Finance

How Canada’s Banks Still Enable Oil and Gas Production

Despite Canada’s climate change commitments, the country’s Big Five banks continue to finance and support expansion of fossil fuel industries, says a new Corporate Mapping Project report. The report looks at the banks’ financing of the fossil fuel sector and finds it has not only been maintained, but continues to grow.

Dentistry in Alberta

Time for a Checkup?

This report examines access to dental care in Alberta and across Canada and calls for solutions to improve population health. Alberta is the top private funder of dental care in Canada, and while it's the second highest spender on public dental care, only nine per cent of Albertans receive government-sponsored dental insurance benefits. More than 20 per cent of Albertans lack dental insurance, leading to serious implications for oral health, particularly among lower-income Albertans.

While the second scheduled review of the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act (PIDA) is underway, this timely report by Cameron Hutchison, a professor of law at the University of Alberta, outlines how the current PIDA falls far short of international best practices for whistleblower protection and is laced with pitfalls through which few whistleblowers should ever dare to venture.

The assumptions underlying the federal government’s $12.6 billion commitment to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project (TMX) no longer stand up in 2020, according to a new report from veteran earth scientist David Hughes. The report concludes that TMX, if completed, would be surplus to Canadian requirements and would not result in the hoped-for price premium for Canadian producers.

Privatization Pressures in Alberta Health Care

Laboratory Services, Home Care, and Telehealth Under Austerity

This report explores contemporary pressures to expand private participation in three areas of Alberta’s public health care system: diagnostic laboratory services, home care, and telehealth.

Knowledge for an Ecologically Sustainable Future?

Innovation Policy and Alberta Universities

This report traces funding from governmental and corporate sources over 20 years to document which areas of energy and environmental research have been prioritized in Alberta’s research universities.

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