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Making It Work

Kyoto, Trade and Politics

Executive summary

Making It Work

How will trade agreements and federalism constrain Canadian policy makers if they implement the Kyoto Protocol? This question is the focus of “Trade Agreements,Federalism and the Politics of Implementing the Kyoto Protocol,” published by the Parkland Institute.

Its conclusions likely will not sit well with partisans on all sides of the Kyoto debate:

- Drastic domestic emissions cuts are not the only route to implementing Kyoto;

- Strict environmental regulations may boost corporate competitiveness;

- The World Trade Organization is not necessarily an environmental straitjacket;

- NAFTA is a real threat to implementing Kyoto - it must be clarified and renegotiated;

- Canada needs a national electricity policy and “big” hydro and public investment should play important roles therein;

- Constitutional challenges to national action, as threatened by Alberta, may threaten provincial powers;

- The mistakes of the National Energy Program conflict of the 1980s must be avoided - federal and provincial

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