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Change and Opportunity

EPCOR in a Deregulated Electricity Industry

Executive summary

Change and Opportunity

In July 1999, after months of debate, Edmonton City Council voted against selling EPCOR’s electrical assets. In the lead-up to that decision the Parkland Institute produced two reports that addressed both the value of EPCOR and the nature of its business environment (Taft, 1999; Taft and Gordon, 1999). 

This study extends those analyses and examines EPCOR’s standing in the throes of the de-regulation of Alberta’s electricity industry. It finds that EPCOR provides remarkable value to the City of Edmonton, and despite unexpected shifts in regulatory positions by the Alberta government, this value is likely to hold in the medium and long term.

David Cooper

David Cooper joined the University of Alberta in 1989, and became the first holder of the Certified General Accountants of Alberta Chair in Accounting (1995-2011). David obtained a BSc (Econ, honours) from the London School of Economics and his PhD from the University of Manchester in 1980. David has written or edited eight books and over seventy five articles and book chapters and he is an editor of Accounting, Organizations and Society and is a member of the editorial boards of seven other international research journals.

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Kevin Taft

Kevin Taft received his Ph.D. (Business) from the University of Warwick, and also holds degrees from the University of Alberta. He is a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, former leader of the Alberta Liberal party, and the author of numerous reports and books for the Parkland Institute, including Shredding the Public Interest. His most recent book is Oil’s Deep State (Lorimer, 2017).

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