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Rethinking the future of work

Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison offers three possible solutions to the impending crisis of work that his being brought about by increased automation.

Albertans think high-income earners, corporations not paying enough tax: poll

Results from a public opinion poll commissioned by Parkland Institute show that although a majority of Albertans feel they pay too much in taxes, they support progressive taxation and feel that Alberta’s highest-income earners do not pay enough in taxes, and that low-income earners are paying too much. Most Albertans would also be willing to pay slightly more in taxes if it meant protecting or enhancing key public services.

States have interests, not friends

Canada, writes Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison, is about to relearn the truth in the old maxim, "States do not have friends; they have interests."

Canada responsible for ballooning greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel exports: new study

The amount of fossil fuel removed from Canadian soil that ends up in the atmosphere as harmful carbon dioxide has risen dramatically, almost exclusively because of our country’s growing fossil fuel exports, finds a new Corporate Mapping Project study published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Parkland Institute.

How can Alberta shift gears to the future economy?

Parkland Institute’s 20th annual fall conference will bring together leading academics, activists, and thinkers from across Canada and internationally to discuss how Alberta and Canada can best make the transition to the new economy.

The conference, Shifting Gears: Transitioning to the Future Economy, takes place on the University of Alberta campus from November 18-20, 2016.

Elder care in Alberta remains ‘in a state of crisis’

Unmet pledges of new government continuing a troubling trend

Stagnation in the number of long-term care beds, a continued shift to less-resourced and less regulated "supportive living" spaces, and higher levels of private for-profit delivery have left residential elder care in Alberta in a state of crisis, according to a new report released today by Parkland Institute.

Is the NDP making things worse?

Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison responds to an August 25, 2016 editorial in the Calgary Herald which accused the Alberta government of "blithely following a path of reckless borrowing."

New pipelines not needed if federal and provincial governments serious about climate commitments: earth scientist

A new study by veteran earth scientist David Hughes finds that Canada cannot meet its global climate commitments while at the same time ramping up oil and gas extraction and building new export pipelines.  

Albertans getting inaccurate picture of workplace injury

A new Parkland Institute report released today ahead of the April 28th Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job finds that Albertans are getting an inaccurate picture of workplace injuries and fatalities, and both the provincial government and Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) have important roles to play in providing more accurate information to the public.

Antiquated neoliberalism and Alberta

"There is no easy way out of Alberta’s fiscal mess," writes Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison. "Alberta must find new revenue streams and must break free of oil dependency. The transition will be hard."

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