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"There is no easy way out of Alberta’s fiscal mess," writes Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison. "Alberta must find new revenue streams and must break free of oil dependency. The transition will be hard."

Statement by Parkland Institute Executive Director Ricardo Acuña in response to Alberta Budget 2016.

"We should all be skeptical when the national interest is too easily invoked," writes Trevor Harrison. "Appeals to national interest too often cloak what is, in fact, self-interest."

Action needed to close Alberta’s gender income gap

Pay equity legislation a key part of essential policy changes

On the eve of International Women’s Day, a new report released today by Parkland Institute finds that Alberta continues to have the largest gender income gap in Canada, and one of the largest gaps of any jurisdiction in the world.

No alternative to a sales tax

Tax measure would help Alberta get back onto a solid financial footing

Alberta must bring in a harmonized sales tax. This is the conclusion reached by myself and 18 economists, political scientists, sociologists and other public policy experts in an article that recently ran in two major Alberta newspapers. Why did we say this?

Put simply, there is no realistic alternative if the province hopes to return to a balanced budget and pay for necessary services.

“Please Lord, give me another oil boom, and I promise not to p… it away!” said a popular Alberta bumper sticker in the 1980s.

‘What’s Left?’ after historic provincial, federal elections

Parkland Institute conference – November 20-22, University of Alberta

Some of Canada’s leading academics, public policy experts, media commentators, and activists will gather on the University of Alberta campus this weekend for Parkland Institute’s 19th annual fall conference.


A recent poll reports that 43 per cent of Albertans disapprove of the NDP government’s budget announcing a $6.1 billion deficit for 2015-16. At the same time, 55 per cent do not want cuts to capital spending and 49 per cent approve of the government’s plan to increase capital spending.

The University of Alberta-based Parkland Institute and its partner groups in BC and Saskatchewan have been awarded a multimillion dollar grant to examine the corporations and individuals driving fossil fuel extraction in Western Canada, and their resulting political influence.

Alberta government faces hard math in Tuesday’s budget

New report finds budget woes deeper than commonly thought

A new report released today by Parkland Institute finds that the new NDP government has been left with a bleak fiscal reality as it prepares to table its first full budget on Tuesday, with a budget shortfall that could be twice as large as is commonly understood.

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