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Oil sands 'Big Five' making billions despite oil price crash and pipeline delays, new report shows

As debate continues to rage over pipelines and the current price differential for Alberta’s oil, a new Corporate Mapping Project report analyzes how the five companies that dominate the oil sands sector have fared during the recent boom-bust commodity cycle.

No indication of Alberta/BC split before political rhetoric over TMX

Survey data prior to feud indicates support for nuanced approach

Data from a survey of residents of Alberta and BC taken just as the conflict over the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) was set to erupt suggest that the polarization of opinion between the two provinces over the past year is more the result of overheated political rhetoric than a significant difference in beliefs.

Selling off oil fast as we can isn't an energy plan

This op-ed by Corporate Mapping Project researcher David Hughes appeared in the Edmonton Journal on October 23, 2018.

Who owns and benefits from Canada’s fossil-fuel sector?

This op-ed by Corporate Mapping Project researchers Bill Carroll and Jouke Huijzer appeared in Vancouver Province on October 21, 2018.

Canada’s fossil-fuel sector controlled by a few major players—including the five big banks, new study shows

The major investors in Canada’s fossil-fuel sector have high stakes in maintaining business as usual rather than addressing the industry’s serious climate issues, a new Corporate Mapping Project study reveals.

Economics and politics stand in way of privatizing ATB

This op-ed by researchers Bob Ascah and Mark Anielski appeared in the Edmonton Journal on October 2, 2018.

Minimum wage hike a success despite gloomy predictions

This op-ed by Parkland Institute research manager Ian Hussey appeared in the Edmonton Journal on September 18, 2018.

ATB offers 'unique competitive advantage' to Alberta

Report calls for public debate on future role of Canada's only public bank

The Alberta government could be making much better use of the unique competitive advantage of owning Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB Financial) to help the province make the transition to a new economy, according to the authors of a new report released today by Parkland Institute.

Giving Donald Trump his props

US president a master at playing to media attention

This op-ed by Parkland Institute Director Trevor Harrison appeared in the Lethbridge Herald on July 25, 2018.

Parkland Institute receives $1-million endowment gift

The University of Alberta-based Parkland Institute has received a $1 million gift to its endowment fund from an Alberta donor who asked to remain anonymous. The province-wide public policy research centre will use the donation to bolster its current endowment fund to support ongoing research and education programming.

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