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Why midwives matter

The economic argument for improved funding

Midwife care proponents have taken to social media to push for increased and stable funding for midwifery in Alberta. Parkland Institute Research Manager Rebecca Graff-McRae looks at the economic argument behind #mybabymybirth.

Little houses on the prairie

One solution to the refugee housing crunch

The lack of affordable and appropriate housing is one of the primary barriers to Alberta successfully welcoming an expected 2,500 to 3,000 refugees in the coming months and years. In this guest blog, Ashley Salvador offers one possible approach to address the need.

The Alberta government's Bill 6, the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, has become the most contentious legislation of NDP government's short tenure. Athabasca University professor of labour relations Bob Barnetson looks at five of the main arguments against the bill.

In the second of two blogs on the recently announced SSHRC-funded Corporate Mapping Project, co-directors Shannon Daub and Bill Carroll explain what the project aims to accomplish over the next six years.

In the first of two blogs on the recently announced SSHRC-funded Corporate Mapping Project, co-directors Shannon Daub and Bill Carroll explain why the project is necessary in the context of the climate crisis.

Alberta’s regressive labour laws have played an important role in making Alberta the least unionized province in Canada. Athabasca University associate professor of labour relations Bob Barnetson outlines five potential changes that could ensure workers in the province can exercise their associational rights.

Parkland Institute will be hosting the Edmonton book launch of Parkland founder and former director Gordon Laxer's new book, After the Sands: Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians as part of our 19th annual fall conference. Here's an excerpt from the book, "Alberta: Fossil-Fuel Belt or Green Powerhouse."

Despite dire warnings of financial catastrophe from the official opposition, Alberta's deficit and debt levels aren't a problem - at least not yet. Revenue, however, is a problem. Parkland Institute Research Manager Ian Hussey explains.

Here are six things from the new Parkland Institute report, Hard Math, Harder Choices: Alberta’s Budget Reality, that Albertans should know in advance of the October 27 release of the NDP government's Budget 2015.

The Notley government's royalty review panel is underway, and has been met with the usual dire warnings of economic decline, job losses, and capital flight. Former Parkland researcher Regan Boychuk looks at the lessons Albertans should take from past royalty reviews as they 'talk royalties' this time.

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