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Recent Research

Alberta's Public Bank

How ATB Can Help Shape the New Economy

This report looks at the history and advantages of Canada's only public bank, Alberta Treasury Branches—now known legally as ATB Financial (ATB)—and how this unique public bank could play a leading role in helping transition the province to the new economy. 

Canada's Energy Outlook

Current Realities and Implications for a Carbon-constrained Future

This comprehensive report analyses Canada’s energy system and assesses future options to maintain energy security and meet climate commitments as a foundation for planning a viable long-term energy strategy.

Recent Blog Posts

Farm injury data supports mandatory safety rules and injury compensation

Bob Barnetson looks at what WCB data reveals about the impact of mandatory workers’ compensation coverage for paid, non-family farm workers in Alberta.

Despite realpolitik, new farm worker safety rules are a significant win

While the government's new Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) rules affecting paid, non-family farm workers in Alberta represent a significant win for farm worker safety, a number of troubling exceptions will continue to heighten the risk of farm worker injury and death.

Proposed child labour laws are naïve and dangerous

Labour relations professor Bob Barnetson explains why new rules regulating youth employment introduced as part of the Alberta government's sweeping update to employment standards could make a bad situation even worse for young workers.