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Book Launch: Gigs, Hustles, & Temps

June 08, 2023, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Irrational Brewing
10643 124 St
Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3
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Parkland Institute invites you to the launch of “Gigs, Hustles, & Temps—How precarious work lowers wages, makes Canadians poorer and deprives workers of rights- while it empowers and enriches big corporations.”

Authored by Parkland’s director Jason Foster, the book reveals the long, often-hidden process that has left our jobs less secure, our livelihoods more uncertain, and the pockets of Canada’s wealthy  fatter than ever.

This phenomenon, the rise of “precarious work,” touches the entire economy and contributes to levels of income inequality unseen since the early 20th century.

Our world is less secure than it has been in generations. “Gigs, Hustles, & Temps” describes how we got here, and why.

Will you come?