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Recent Research

Buried and Forgotten

Newspaper Coverage of Workplace Injury and Death in Alberta

Newspapers are one of the main public sources of information about workplace injuries and fatalities, but the analysis in this report suggests Alberta newspaper articles are creating an inaccurate picture of workplace incidents.

Equal Worth

Designing Effective Pay Equity Laws For Alberta

Alberta has the largest gender income gap in Canada. With a gender income gap of 41%, the average man in Alberta will have earned as much by Canada Day as it will take a woman the entire year to earn. Effective pay equity legislation that ensures women receive equal pay for work of equal worth is a key element in a package of needed policy changes to start closing the gap.

Recent Blog Posts

Alberta's immediate concern is limited revenue, not debt

Discussions about Alberta’s $10 billion deficit and estimated debt of $33 billion by 2018-19 have dominated the media since the introduction of Budget 2016. Parkland Institute Research Managers Ian Hussey and Rebecca Graff-McRae argue that revenue, not debt, is the immediate concern coming out of the budget.

Unemployment in Alberta

What past recessions indicate about the future

The recent recession has resulted in the highest unemployment rate Alberta has experienced for years. Economics Professor Richard Mueller compares the current jobs picture with past recessions, and finds some reason for optimism about the future.

The essentials of Alberta's new essential services bill

The provincial government has introduced Bill 4, which gives most public sector workers the right to strike for the first time in decades. Athabasca University labour relations professor Bob Barnetson looks at what impact the legislation could have on labour relations with the province's workers.