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Impaired Judgement

The Economic and Social Consequences of Liquor Privatization in Western Canada

A comparative study of liquor systems in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Delivery Matters

The High Costs of For-Profit Health Services in Alberta

Using Calgary's Health Resources Centre as a case study, this report explores the delivery of clinical services, specifically total hip and knee replacements, through private, for-profit clinics, and compares their cost and impacts versus public delivery.

Misplaced Generosity Update 2012

Extraordinary Profits in Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry

Alberta’s oil and gas industry continues to rake in billions of dollars’ worth of profits while the provincial government continues to run deficits and underfund education and health care services in the province. The report looks at the latest figures for oil industry profits an

Alternative Water Futures in Alberta

Alberta Minister of Environment and Water Diana McQueen has promised public consultations in 2012 regarding how to reform the province’s water allocation system. This report challenges the market model proposed to date, and suggests workable alternatives for water in Alberta.

Fixing What’s Broken

Fair and Sustainable Solutions to Alberta's Revenue Problems

This report sets out to answer how can we raise the revenues we need to cut our dependence on oil and gas? It explores what revenues Alberta currently brings in, how this revenue compares to other jurisdictions, what policy choices are possible and their effects on the budget.

As Long as the Rivers Flow

Athabasca River Knowledge, Use and Change

A study on traditional land and water use, and the impact of contaminants and low water levels in the lower Athabasca River system on the treaty rights of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Mikisew Cree First Nation.

Misplaced Generosity

Extraordinary Profits in Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry

A close look at the profits generated in the oil and gas industry, and at the effectiveness of Alberta’s royalty and land lease regimes in meeting Alberta Energy's own revenue capture targets.

The New Alberta Health Act

Risks and Opportunities Report 2

Part two of Parkland's series on the proposed Alberta Health Act highlights the key challenges facing Alberta's health care system, and recommends concrete action for improving the system.

No Free Lunch

Financing the Priorities of Calgarians

Based on Calgarians' stated infrastructure and social priorities, this report considers the City's options for paying for those priorities justly and sustainably. We highlight infrastructure and social spending benefits, privatization costs, and issues around property taxes.

The New Alberta Health Act

Risks and Opportunities Report 1

An assessment of the risks associated with the Alberta government's current initiative to reform existing health legislation and create a new Alberta Health Act.