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Equal Worth

Designing Effective Pay Equity Laws For Alberta

Alberta has the largest gender income gap in Canada. With a gender income gap of 41%, the average man in Alberta will have earned as much by Canada Day as it will take a woman the entire year to earn. Effective pay equity legislation that ensures women receive equal pay for work of equal worth is a key element in a package of needed policy changes to start closing the gap.

Hard Math, Harder Choices

Alberta's Budget Reality

Barring unexpectedly rapid improvements in the energy sector, the Notley government will soon be forced to address the previous government's budgetary legacy; not only the massive revenue hole resulting from the precipitous drop in resource revenues that began in the fall of 2014, but also a structural deficit that emerged even when resource prices were high. 

Illegal and Injurious

How Alberta Has Failed Teen Workers

Most Albertans will hold a job at some point during their teen years. Yet teens employed in Alberta face widespread illegality and injury on the job, and Alberta does not effectively enforce the employment laws that are supposed to protect teen workers, including the Employment Standards Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

Neoliberalism and the Non-Profit Social Services Sector in Alberta

Successive PC governments in Alberta experimented with neoliberal approaches to the non-profit social services sector, with negative consequences for the sector and the people it serves.

A Monochrome Political Culture?

Examining the Range of Albertans' Values and Beliefs

This survey-based study examines the diversity of Albertans' values and beliefs on four dimensions: economic conservatism, traditional values, libertarianism, and political alienation.

The Alberta Disadvantage

Gender, Taxation, and Income Inequality

This report analyzes gender inequality in Alberta, and offers a series of recommendations to reverse the decades-long slide in gender equality in Alberta, restore stability to provincial revenues, and create a more equitable provincial taxation system.

A Dirty Business

The Exclusion of Alberta Farm Workers From Injury Compensation

Alberta farm workers are excluded from workers' compensation protection, despite facing a high risk of workplace injury, including developing occupational cancer. This report examines why the Alberta government continues this exclusion.

A Profitable Brew

A Financial Analysis of the SLGA and Its Potential Privatization

A joint study by Parkland Institute and the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives analyzing the economic arguments against privatization of liquor sales in Saskatchewan. 

On the Job

Why Unions Matter in Alberta

By focusing on the impact of unions in the areas of wages, worker safety, and income inequality, this report documents the contributions of the labour movement to ensuring the well-being of all Albertans.

Less Exclusion, More Engagement

Addressing Declining Voter Turnout in Alberta

A survey-based study looking at who doesn't vote in Alberta elections and why.