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Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski, B.A, BFSc, MScFE is an economic strategist specializing in the economics of well-being. For the past 30 years Mark has been the president of Anielski Management Inc., an economic advisory services group that provides strategic economic counsel to communities, nations, and businesses on how to build flourishing economies of well-being. He is an international expert in natural capital accounting and recently co-founded the Centre for Integral Finance and Economics (London, UK), which focuses on developing new tools to support the emerging field of impact investment and banking. He is schooled in ecological economics, accounting, and forestry. He has advised nations and communities in Canada, Bhutan, French Polynesia, The Netherlands, Austria, and China in their aspirations to develop a new economic model based on well-being and happiness. He is the author of the award-winning book The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, which provides a blueprint for building the new economy of well-being. His second book, An Economy of Well-being, was published in May 2018. His second book touches on the role of public banks such as ATB Financial in shaping the new economy of well-being.


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