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Recent Research

Extracted Carbon

Re-examining Canada's Contribution to Climate Change through Fossil Fuel Exports

This study examines Canada’s contribution to global climate change in light of the Paris Agreement by looking at extracted carbon — the total amount of fossil fuels removed from Canadian soil that ends up in the atmosphere — whether used for domestic purposes, or exported and combusted elsewhere.

Losing Ground

Alberta's Residential Elder Care Crisis

Elder care in Alberta remains in a state of crisis, with the availability of long-term care beds plummeting over the last 15 years, an ongoing shift to "supportive living" beds and for-profit residential care, and chronic understaffing.

Recent Blog Posts

The state of health care in Alberta

At the halfway mark of the NDP's term, Parkland Institute researcher Ian Hussey compares the current and previous PC governments on the state of health care and health care spending in Alberta.

Gendering the downturn

Is the NDP doing enough for Alberta women?

Parkland Institute researchers Emma Jackson and Ian Hussey look at the Notley government's efforts to address the link between Alberta's resource-revenue-dependent economy and its status as the province with the widest gender pay gap.

Restructuring in Alberta’s oil industry

Internationals pull out, domestic majors double down

Far from being a response to the Alberta NDP's climate policies, the recent moves by Shell and ConocoPhillips to pull back from the oil sands are part of an ongoing restructuring of the oil industry, both here in Canada and at a global level.